Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hurricane Monster Mile

Yesterday we went to Hurricane in the am to run in 'The Monster Mile'. My friend Shani lives in Hurricane and told me about the fun race for kids. I signed Bradyn and Austin up because I thought they would enjoy it. They both did great! Bradyn came in first in his age group and 2nd overall for the boys. He ran a 7:36 mile which isn't bad for a 7 year old! He won a movie ticket because of his 1st place win. I ran with Austin and we did a 16 minute mile:) Austin ran the whole time which is hard for a little Tyke like him! We decided that next year Bradyn will run in the 5k with either Nate or I. He is a good little runner. I am going to buy him a nice pair of running shoes and start running with him regularly because who knows, he could be the next Nate Lund! Ty even got to run in the 'Spooky Sprints'. They had everything set up so cute for the kids, it was a fun morning!

Austins stitches

I guess sitting still through church and an 'after church movie' was too much for my kids because they immediately started jumping off the couch and wrestling. Needless to say, the wrestling match went a little too far and Austin got shoved into the coffee table. His head was bleeding so bad, we couldn't tell how deep the cut was. We had to press a rag on it for quite a while. When the bleeding slowed down a little, we saw that the cut was very deep. Usually we would just have super glued and butterflied, but not this time. Nate ran Austin to the Dr. and the Dr. stitched him up. 3 stitches on the inside, and 8 on the outside = 11 stitches. We were blessed though because the Dr. said that if the cut was any deeper, he would have cut into the membrane that surrounds his skull and that would have been 3 layers of stitches instead of 2. He was also close to severing some nerves that run through is forehead, so we really were lucky that he didn't! The week before, the neighbor girls were doing a face painting stand and they painted Austins face like Frakenstein with fake stitches on his cheek and forehead. After his stitches, I told him that now he didn't have to get his face painted because he had the real thing!
His stitches are out now and he will have a pretty good scar but the Dr. did a great job of stitching it!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

This morning I slept in until 9:30, and no, that is not a regular occurance for me. Nate and the kids had made be breakfast. Muffins and hashbrowns, my faves!! There were fresh cut roses from our yard on the table, which I love, that's why we planted rose bushes in our yard cuz I wanted to have fresh roses and my table centerpiece in the summer time. Bradyn had made me this cute picture. He was so excited to give it to me, he had to tell me exactly how to made it, and how he snuck it in the door from school without me seeing it. I love mothers day, it makes me appreciate my cute family. Being a mom is one of the hardest things I have ever done but it's so worth it!! Happy Mothers day to everyone!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Austins Gymnastics Review, Yard Work, and a new little friend

This last Thursday Austin had his 'Gymnastics Review' at school. He did a great job and I did an un-great job of taking pics but here are a few. I tried to put a video on but it took over 1/2 hr to download and I am super impatient soI finally gave up. No video :(

So proud of the medal he got! I am glad that they make it so special for the kids

Yesterday (Saturday), it rained all morning, we did sneek in a 9 am soccer game before the rain started. I cheated, these pics are from Bradyns soccer game a couple of weeks ago.

But finally the sun peeked through the clouds, so we bravely ventured out into our yard to do some yard work. We weren't outside but 2 minutes when the boys came to me with their feet looking like this.......

But due to all the rain, we found a friend in our yard. A frog! The boys were so excited. I gave them a pot to make the frog a home but all they wanted to do was hold him. Their little minds were a churning and they decided that if they found 1 frog, then certainly there would be more frogs in the yard. They took turns being the 'frog seeker' and the 'frog watcher'. The 'frog watcher' got to hold the frog so that was the coveted job.

Needless to say, as soon as the frog was unsupervised, it hopped right out of the pot and was never to be seen again. I don't really blame him, but the kids were disappointed. As for Nate and I, we felt like we worked all day and didn't get much accomplished. Earlier in the day, we had gone to DI (my favorite store) to exchange a bed frame we bought and found an outdoor dining table that seats 6. We bought it and repainted it. So today (Sunday) we had a nice bbq outside and ate dinner at our new table.
That's about the gist of it!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Not as cool as I thought I was :(

Today we went to eat lunch at school with Bradyn. (Thank goodness friday is Pizza Day!) We got there before he did and got our lunch and went outside to sit down. Soon after, Bradyn came out with his buddies, most of them from his soccer team. I yelled for him and waved so he would know we were there. Bradyn wanted his friends to come sit by us but they had other plans so sit under one of the basketball hoops. This is how our conversation went...
Me: "Bradyn, you can go sit by your friends if you want and we'll catch up with you on the playground."
Bradyn: "Nah, I'll sit with you guys."
So we ate in silence for a minute and then Bradyn said
"Mom, can I go sit with my team?"
Me: "Sure, we'll see you on the playground."


I guess when you are 7 and in 1st grade friends come first. I love that he has such good friends and that he feels included. Here are a couple of pictures I took.

Bradyn and company

Austin and Ty LOVE eating lunch at Bradyns school because the love to play on the 'big kid playground'

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our Saturday Adventure

Yesterday we had quite a fun day! First, Saturday morning we headed over to the airport because one of our friends, Curt, has his pilots license and owns a little 4 seater airplane and he invited us to take a flight with him. Nate, Bradyn, and Austin went first. They were in the air for about 1/2 hour and then they landed and picked me up. They boys wanted to still fly so they went with us. It was so great to see St. George from the air!! We saw our house(s) and the temple! We missed Bradyns soccer game so we flew over the soccer field where they were playing. Curt let Nate and I fly the plane. It was great. Curt did this thing called "weightless" where he would drop the nose of the plane down and it was like we were "weightless" on a roller coaster. It was great. They boys wanted to do that over and over.

Nate getting into the plane. He was sooooooo excited!

The plane just taking off from the runway. Thanks Curt and Heather for the great morning!!

After our morning airplane ride, we came home and ate lunch and packed some goodies and set out on a fourwheeling trip in Nate's Jeep. The boys love the jeep. We went out toward the arizona strip. The boys and I hiked around a bit and Nate played with his Jeep trying to climb stuff (it's a guy thing). Nate wanted us to go see some cool rock formations so we all got back in the Jeep and as Nate backed up, we ran over a glass bottle and immediately the tire started to hiss. Nate said "Buckle Up Boys" and we drove back toward St. George as fast we could. It was a pretty bumpy ride! We had two prayers in our hearts, one that we would make back to cell service before the tire went completely flat, and two that the hole in the tire would be somewhere on the tread rather than the side wall. So we made it as far as we thought we could go and then called our bro-in-law, Matt, to come get us. While we were waiting for Matt, the boys went exploring and Nate made some phone calls to the local tire shops. None of the tire shops carried the size of tire we needed in stock. We said another prayer that the tire would be fixable. Matt took us home and Nate set off to Wal-Mart to see if he could get the tire fixed. He called me about 1/2 hour later and said "You are never going to believe this, we are SO blessed. The air was coming from the stem on the tire where you put the air in, the stem had popped." He kept saying "I don't know how in the world that would have happened". It was just one of those tender mercies of our Heavenly Father. So anyway, I didn't get a chance to take any pics on our fourwheeling trip so I took a picture of the boys hanging out in the Jeep this morning. Bradyn asked me if we could go fourwheeling like we did yesterday and I told his it wasn't an appropriate Sunday activity, so I guess the next best thing for him was to just take a box of Wheat Thins and hang out in the Jeep. I thought it was pretty funny.

So Ty was nearly naked but he did put his shoes on and head outside with his brothers. I am sure our neighbors think we are really great parents! He is such a funny kid. So independent!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snow Day Hooray!

We were on our way to take the kids to Cedar City to go sledding yesterday when it started snowing pretty good and was covering the roads so instead we drove about 20 minutes from St. George to a 'Ranch Exit' and found a sledding hill and lots of snow! Austin quickly became our 'human snowman'. We had a lot of fun playing in the snow which is a rare occasion for these St. George Lunds!

Building the 'Human Snowman'

Ty just wanted to eat the snow! (I even caught Nate laying on his tummy with his face down eating the snow. I was too slow to capture it on camera though)

Rolling out our HUGE snowball!

Look how BIG we got the snowball. It took Nate and I and all three boys to roll it and finally we couldn't get it to budge!