Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hurricane Monster Mile

Yesterday we went to Hurricane in the am to run in 'The Monster Mile'. My friend Shani lives in Hurricane and told me about the fun race for kids. I signed Bradyn and Austin up because I thought they would enjoy it. They both did great! Bradyn came in first in his age group and 2nd overall for the boys. He ran a 7:36 mile which isn't bad for a 7 year old! He won a movie ticket because of his 1st place win. I ran with Austin and we did a 16 minute mile:) Austin ran the whole time which is hard for a little Tyke like him! We decided that next year Bradyn will run in the 5k with either Nate or I. He is a good little runner. I am going to buy him a nice pair of running shoes and start running with him regularly because who knows, he could be the next Nate Lund! Ty even got to run in the 'Spooky Sprints'. They had everything set up so cute for the kids, it was a fun morning!


sarah and jeremy said...

Ok, I'm a little embarrased that your 7 yr old can run the mile faster than me!! That is so cool! By the way, you look awesome, and cute kids!!

Megan said...

7:36 is a decent time for a 7 year old? I know lots of grown adults who can't do that! lol. That is awesome. And you are looking all slim and trim and awesome! YOu need to invite me down to hang out with you sometime. Okay? :)

RickAndGina said...

Hey! Cute new fam pic on the blog. I miss your guts. Love ya!